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About VFI

Flourish TBC International Team is a reputable team in TBC community with high integrity and trust worthy admin members across TBC community. We selected our admin members based on commitments and trust on a zoom interview and we adhere strictly to all TBC rules/policies; we follow instructions of the TBC Admin and we work closely with the number one global leader of TBC community.

We understand that TBC is a private community and we are working tirelessly to take TBC to a greater height. We are raising members in each African country where TBC already has members and we are penetrating more African countries where TBC is not yet known.

Our call is to take TBC to all the nooks and crannies of Africa, creating great awareness and eradicating poverty in Africa. To become one of our Leaders in Africa, do contact

Core Objective

To unite TBC Community globally.


To take TBC to greater heights.


To take TBC to Africa and beyond, creating awareness and eradicating poverty.

Meet The Team

Meet the core team members behind this great initiative. Each from diverse field of life but with a common goal to build the TBC community and enrich the lives of members continually.

Want to Join Our Team?

We are always looking for highly motivated and passionate individuals to join our team. Send us a mail using the link below, indicating your interest and we will get back to you.

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Mrs. Victorious Flourish

Mrs. Victorious Flourish

Team Leader/CEO

Dr Anslem Chilaka

Dr Anslem Chilaka

Ast Team Leader

Miss. Mirianda Chukwuemeka

Miss. Mirianda Chukwuemeka

Finance Unit Leader

Pst.Chris McJones

Pst.Chris McJones

European Leader

Mrs. Julia  Eboh

Mrs. Julia Eboh

Nigerian Leader

Mr. Chibuike  Onwughara

Mr. Chibuike Onwughara

Merchants/Product Unit Leader

Mr. Luc  Loko

Mr. Luc Loko

French Leader

Egr. Chris Ewenike

Egr. Chris Ewenike

Media Unit Leader

Mr. Amaechi Optimist  Eke

Mr. Amaechi Optimist Eke

African Leader

Mr. Innocent Okeke

Mr. Innocent Okeke

Ast. Secretariat Unit Leader

Mr. Ikenna Onyeije

Mr. Ikenna Onyeije

Logistics Unit Leader